How it works

Our My Home Party mission? Bringing people together again!
My Home Party is a network of influential consumers who would like to connect and discover new products or services with friends, family, acquaintances and friends of friends.

Together with our sponsors we will help you to organise a successful Home Party. We provide lots of inspiration and a unique Party Pack, filled with exclusive products, recipes and decorations.

It's fun, it's free!

Questions as a Host?
1 Subscribe as a Host candidate
2 Invite your guests
3 Start the preparations
4 Hurray, it's Party time!
5 Share the experience

Subscribe as a Host candidate

  5 weeks to your Home Party

Read the Home Party information carefully. Does this look like something for you and your friends? Are you free on the party date to organise the party? If so make sure you subscribe as a candidate before the closing date for subscriptions.

  • Make sure that you are logged in. Not a member yet? If not you can register here for free.
  • Fill out the survey in order to subscribe as a candidate for the Home Party.
  • Discover your personal Party Page where you can chat with your guests.

Create more chances of being selected and make your voice heard! Convince us that you are an appropriate Host for this Home Party by standing out above other candidates:

  • Write your motivation on the Party Chat or on your personal Party Page.
  • Upload a photo or video about the Home Party or product.
  • Share this motivation or your registration on Facebook and Twitter with the correct hashtag.

After the registration period you'll get a message telling you whether you're a potential Host.

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Invite your guests

  4 weeks to your Home Party

Have you been selected as a potential Host? If so it's time to secure your Home Party by getting at least 10 confirmed guests.

Please note that usually 1 to 2 people won't turn up. So invite enough friends, neighbours, relatives and acquaintances because not everyone will be able to make it on that day*. Invitations are sent via this site (via e-mail or Facebook) so that your guests can easily confirm whether or not they will come**.

* Tip: "Friends of friends are also our friends". You are a social connector so let your guests also invite 2 friends. Always nice to get to know new people.

** Please be careful, because this will be checked. Abuse can lead to exclusion and reclamation.

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Start the preparations

  2 weeks to your Home Party

Have 10 guests confirmed? If so, the definitive party planning can start! Here you will find tons of inspiration:

  • Our Party tips: fun recipes, great decoration ideas, music suggestions etc.
  • Our Party Guidelines: a step-by-step schedule that you can use as a checklist.
  • Printable Party Tools: mini-spectacles, craft ideas, little flags, etc.

Exchange ideas and inspiration from the Party Chat with your guests and other Hosts who, like you, are making their preparations.

Your exclusive Party Pack arrives at least 1 week in advance:

  • Take pictures and videos while unpacking your Party Pack and share them on the Home Party page on your and social media. Let the WOMing begin! [WOM = Word Of Mouth]
  • Use the content to make your Home Party preparations even better.
  • Make sure to try out the products or service so you'll be an expert during the Home Party.
  • Involve your guests on your Party Page to give updates, ask questions, share pictures etc.

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Hurray, it's Party time!

Party Time

Nearly there! You have everything ready at the entrance to welcome your guests appropriately, all the decorations and elements are ready, the table(s) are covered, the music is playing and the drinks are nicely chilled.

Now it's time to relax, enjoy your friend’s company and experience your Home Party!

On your own Party Page you can report live and follow the stream of all the other Home Parties going on simultaneously in the whole country. Take a 'Party Pic' straight away including all your guests - not only a great reminder for later, but also to dress up your party Page signboard. You can also win a prize!

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Share the experience

   2 weeks after

It was undoubtedly a successful party! Now make sure to share your experiences with those who were not there and thereby help make our sponsors products better known. The more people we can reach through authentic word-of-mouth (=WOM), the more exciting Home Parties we can offer in the future!

  • Share your experiences by talking about them and posting something online.
  • Upload the Party Pic with everyone on it on your own Party Page.
  • Ask your guests to upload all their pictures on your own Party Page so that everyone can see them and reminisce.
  • Let us know how things turned out. Fill out the Party report so we know how it went. With your feedback and enthusiasm, we will soon to be able to start preparing new Home Parties for you to be part of.

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Questions as a Guest?
1 Confirm that you will come
2 Follow the Party updates
3 Hurray, it's Party time!
4 Share the experiences
5 Please keep us informed

Confirm that you will come

  4 weeks before the Home Party

Indicate whether you'll be coming by clicking on the link you received in your invitation (via e-mail or Facebook etc.). This will provide you with access to the separate Home Party page of your Host from which you can see who else has been invited. Answer in good time because then you'll give someone else the chance to be there if you can't - your Host needs at least 10 confirmed guests for the Home Party to go through after all.

Not a member of My Home Party yet? Take a minute to register here before you confirm you'll be there!

Follow the Party updates

  2 weeks before the Home Party

Keep informed of all the updates and preparation through your Host's Party Chat. Here you can leave comments, share party ideas and offer some inspiration or assistance (e.g. for snacks, drinks, decoration, music etc.).

Hurray, it's Party time!

  Party Time

Nearly there! There are Home Parties going on all over the country. Relax, discover with other guests the new products from the Party Sponsor and make it a great party! In the meantime don't forget to take some nice pictures.

Share the experiences

  2 weeks after fun

Upload nice pictures on the personal Home Party page of the Host. Share THE Party Pic which you'll also find there, leave comments on the Party Chat and tell your friends about this Home Party.

Please keep us informed

  2 weeks after

After the party you still have 2 weeks to upload your photos and share experiences in our Party Report. In this short questionnaire you can give your final opinion about this Home Party.