Code of Conduct

The idea behind My Home Party is to you get to participate in a Word-Of-Mouth program through fun Home Parties! Here openness and honesty is key.
We don't want My Home Party members to be seen as 'undercover' advertising agents or subjective promotion-pushers. Your honest opinion is what counts and it’s crucial everyone involved understands this clearly. For this reason we have devised some guidelines. Furthermore, for campaigns with alcoholic products involved we strictly adhere to additional rules (see below).
We expressly ask all My Home Party members to adhere to this code of conduct, which you agree to in your registration, and to apply it actively:

1. Openness

Insiders always mention that they are participating in a Word-Of-Mouth program via a Home Party and through this they get to know about the products and services and try them out. There is nothing secret about it: feel free to tell others how you got to know us, what we do and how you received a Party Pack etc.
Be yourself - that is the only thing we ask. Trying to 'sell' something or, recommending and talking about it over-enthusiastically usually has the opposite effect.

2. Honesty

Word-Of-Mouth via a Home Party only works if you are honest. This means that you should express your own opinion, highlighting all the advantages and disadvantages of the products or services that you are trying out. This way you convince not only your friends and family but you give the Party Sponsors inspiration for the future. 

3. Own choice

You decide whether you want to apply as a Host candidate for a Home Party or would like to participate as a Guest. You can decide what products and services you want to organise a Home Party for, whom you invite, how you plan your Home Party etc. Don't forget your audience when you do this. Some Home Parties are focused on events for adults. Please keep this in mind and don't involve a younger audience in those events, let them view the page or post comments.
Remember you don't have to bother with Home Parties that don't interest you.

4. Active listening

You never have a conversation on your own. The purpose of each Home Party is that you collect the opinions of your guests. Pay attention to their reactions, to what they think about the products and services, do fun activities together and share the experience. In short, share questions, experiences, opinions with each other by actively listening!

5. Feedback

Stay in regular contact with us. Using your personal My Party Page you can create your own blog about your party preparations, share nice pictures and keep in contact with your guests. As a Guest you can share ideas for decorations, recipes and music via your host's My Party Page. After the Home Party make sure you upload a photo that includes everyone, fill in our end-survey and in so doing help to cultivate the Home Parties of tomorrow!

6. Home Parties are fun!

Enjoy yourselves during a Home Party - partying together should be fun. Provide fun activities, and let everyone get acquainted with the products or services of the Sponsor in an original and playful way. You should experience a 'talkable' day - so relax and enjoy your conversations together!

7. Home Party policy for alcoholic products

  • All the information to My Home Party members meets all the requirements which our Party Sponsor imposes on communication about alcohol.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old in order to participate in a Home Party where alcoholic products or services are sponsored.
  • Alcoholic products are only intended for adults, so we ask all My Home Party members explicitly not to let minors (under 18) to test products.
  • Enjoy, but drink in moderation: the intention of a Home Party is to discover exclusive products and new services, get friends to test them and form honest opinions about them. So share the contents of your Party Pack with others and keep in mind that your Home Party should proceed responsibly.
  • During My Home Parties we will communicate about responsible drinking, from the government or industry regulations.
For more information about liability, user access, data collection and privacy, please read the Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions.

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