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Take the Karcher Window Vac WV5 Premium End Survey

18/05/2018 - 19:27

Hey there My Home Party hosts!

It's been almost a week since your My Home Party, where you used the Karcher Window Vac WV5 Premium, and now we want to know your opinion. 

We'd love it if you could take your My Home Party end survey. Amongst other things, it'll give you a chance to tell us what you thought about hosting a My Home Party, as well as what you thought about the Karcher Window Vac WV5 Premium itself. 

It's also the only place where you can let us know whether you'd like to keep or return your Karcher Window Vac WV5 Premium. Take the end survey now by clicking the button below: 

The deadline for submitting your end survey is Friday 25th May 2018

Have you been passing on your guests' My Home Party IDs and / or their emails to us?
Send them to us by emailing us at We need your guests' emails to send them their own end survey! 


There's just one day before the Party weekend..

11/05/2018 - 14:24

It's the day before the Party weekend - are you all ready?! We're sure you are - we've already seen some great buzz and a load of fantastic pictures. We can see a few of the little ones are already excited to start drawing on the windows..!

We are sure that you've got it all under control, but here are a few things to bear in mind ahead of the Party date:

  • Keep the photos coming, upload them on the Party page, and show everyone how your preparation is coming along
  • Remember to use your checklist - it's a great way to tick off everything you've done and see if you have missed any prep (we're sure you haven't though, as you're a Party master!)
  • Double check with your guests, via text, or phone, that they definitely know the Party time! We'd hate for them to miss out...
  • Make sure that the Karcher WV5 Premier is all ready and set


A note about guests

Some of you have mentioned to us about your guests, in particular some haven't been able to sign up / be invited. The best thing you can ask them to do - and this can be done at the Party - is to sign up to the My Home Party website. We will want to send guests of all parties a short questionnaire not long after the Party, so if they are part of the website then we'd just need you to let us know who your guests are (this will come in your own survey).

During the Party

We're not going to teach you how to hold a great Party, you're more than able to do that yourself. But, just to go over a couple of points from our checklist: 

  • During the Party, make sure you take lots of photos to upload (and encourage your guests to do the same!)
  • Take note of people's reactions to the Karcher WV5
  • Make sure everyone gets a turn with the window games! 

After that, there's really nothing more to do than to enjoy the Party. And that's exactly what we want you to do. You've evidently put a lot of effort into planning it and getting ready, so our final - most important - request to you before the big day is to make sure that you really ENJOY yourself when the day comes, and to not spend too much time getting bogged down in the planning. Just have a great time, you've earned it!

Thank you so much for being one of our Party hosts, we hope you really enjoy it! 

What about some Window Game inspiration...

24/04/2018 - 19:49

There's not long to go to the Party! Are you excited? 

We've been talking about Window Games all this time, but we decided rather than just talk, we should show you too! Read on for some fantastic ideas:

Impossible Noughts & Crosses

So, Noughts & Crosses is pretty simple - we thought we'd start off with a nice easy one. Draw the famous three-by-three 9-square grid, and engage in a battle of wits to get three in a row, one turn at a time. Easy right? 

What about Impossible Noughts & Crosses though!? Instead of the three-by-three grid, go for a larger grid. We've tried all sorts of permeatations here (probably more than we should be doing in an office environment!) and we think an eight-by-eight game, with the aim of getting four-in-a-row, is just the right balance. Try playing on either side of the glass and watch the tension ratchet up! 


Impossible Hangman 

That's right, we can see a theme here too... We've all played hangman, but what about this small competitive twist for My Home Party? With a larger group, there always needs to be something more to play for. So, let everyone have a go at finding a word that the rest of you can't crack, but the ultimate winner to be crowned is the one with the longest word / phrase that cannot be guessed before the stickman steps off the gallows. 

It's probably the only time that a sneaky look at a dictionary is acceptable at a party...

Another way to play it is the following: the rules stay exactly the same, but the word master has to do his word - and letters - backwards! Any mistakes and he's out of the running for the crown of ultimate winner! 



Relax - this won't have you drawing all over each others' faces (or, at least, it shouldn't do!) The idea is simple, but only works when you have space on either side of the screen. We do recommend shower screens or car windows; we don't recommend external windows on high-rise flats, for what we hope are fairly obvious reasons... 

Pair up, and stand either side of the window or screen. Player One has three minutes to draw the best outline of his partner Player Two, who has to stay perfectly still as Player One draws his likeness on the window. When time's up, step one place to the left and switch roles. 

This works even better if there's an independent judge (he can be in charge of timekeeping to keep him occupied) who doesn't see who's standing where, and then tries to guess who's drawn who! 


My Home Pictionary

Pictionary is usually the go-to game after Christmas dinner, in that time after the Queen's speech, but before all the good TV starts. Here's a My Home Party variation on this classic, to be played on the windows! 

Split into two teams, and let Team A give one player from Team B a word - a phrase, book, film, or another category entirely - in which to draw in under one minute. The remaining players from Team B then have to guess the word.  If they do, they win the point; if they don't, then Team A does. Carry on, with each team taking turns, and the winner is the first to get to ten.  


New Campaign: Kärcher WV 5 Premium Window Vac​

27/03/2018 - 14:35

Do you see yourself as a budding Party host? Do you love gathering people around your home? Do you long for cleaner windows...?! 
We are looking for 200 people to host a My Home Party all about the Kärcher WV 5 Premium Window Vac​. Bring people together, try the product, and have a great time as you hold a fantastic Party! 

As you may already know, My Home Party is a sister company of The Insiders, and centres around one celebratory Party weekend, where you hold a Home Party centred around a product - in this instance, the fantastic Kärcher WV 5 Premium Window Vac​.


We want you to arrange a fun party that both adults and kids will enjoy!
Invite your friends and their kids over for a different type of lunchtime get-together. Once they’ve eaten let them have some fun creating art - on your windows! Non-toxic easy-clean pens means great, safe fun for everyone. They can draw pictures of their favourite things or take-on some of our drawing challenges. When the pictures are complete just take a snap. Then the adults can clean them off using the Kärcher WV 5 Premium Window Vac​ which will leave your windows gleaming. Right, whose turn is it next?

The Kärcher WV 5 Premium Window Vac​ is also great for cleaning party spillages off hard floors, and smears or finger-prints off other shiny surfaces such as worktops, mirrors (or even shower screens)! Your guests can learn about this great product and give it a try whilst helping with the cleaning-up. Your home might look even better than before the party – now that’s making impossible cleaning possible!

Are you interested? Apply as a candidate by clicking the button below before 16th April

See you at the Party!



When candidates first subscribe to this campaign, no deposit is requested. Once the subscription period is closed, we will make a shortlist of the candidates we feel most suitably fit the required profile for the Kärcher Window Vac campaign. An email will then be sent to those shortlisted candidates containing a link to our payment screen, where we will request them to pay a campaign deposit as per below (no deposit is required until this phase):

Kärcher Window Vac: £42.50 (vs. RRP £84.99)

The first 200 shortlisted Insiders who successfully pay their deposit are then automatically selected for the campaign. If you wish to return your device once the campaign is over, you can send it back to us free of charge and your deposit will be refunded. For full details of the process please see our Terms & Conditions.




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