Tip 4: Plan your menu

25/07/2016 - 11:41

Have you chosen a theme? If so, then you can start to plan the menu!  Think about what you are going to serve in terms of food and drink:

  • Children's Party: Fruit juice, soft drinks, pieces of fruit, cake, cupcakes, ice creams, etc.
  • Pub or informal party: finger food, small hamburgers or hotdogs, savoury snacks, dipping sauces, beer, etc.
  • Film Night: Nachos, pizza, popcorn, soft drinks, sweets, etc.
  • Wine tasting: mezzé, tapas, canapés, sandwiches, appetisers, etc.
  • Boy's Night: barbecue, beer, crisps, pizza, etc.
  • Brunch: sandwiches, croissants, juice, tea, coffee,etc.
  • Girl's Night: cocktails, small snacks, sushi, etc.
  • Garden Party: buffet, picnic, dessert, punch, etc.
  • Coffee or tea party: biscuits, small sandwiches, cakes, fruit, etc.
  • Pot Luck: Everybody brings something.


Faulds84 - 07/11 - 09:48

Cake has to be on their... maybe cheese cake! I think the guests should have some say. I want to show off the equipment make fresh sauces.

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