Tip 1: Choose your party space in your home

25/07/2016 - 11:43

Think about the space where you’re planning to have your Home Party. Choose a room that is relevant to your type of Home Party and where all your guests can be accommodated comfortably.

  • The garden or verandah is ideal if you're planning a garden party.
  • The living room is perfect for a film night, product demonstration, games evening etc.
  • Do you want space for dancing and fun activities? How about your playroom?
  • If you're organising a cooking workshop, then the kitchen and dining room are the right choice.


debbie035 - 26/03 - 20:55

I would like to host my party in my garden.But i need to be choosen to host a party first lol.

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rabbit85 - 22/03 - 02:55

Hi Everyone...
Not anywhere to write anything on site so trying to find somewhere that will be read...


Today I get an email from
THE INSIDERS (apparently this sites sister company....)
IT tells me all about this site and is basically generating support to get us Insiders to join here at My Home Party and get involved with this site and its parties...


I have read over each and every page and unless I am missing something, this site doesn't seem to even be "in existence" as such...
The last "party/sponser" was in 2016 and the last messages state that it will have more upcoming events in 2017...

Well we are now in 2018, and there was nothing updated nor any parties in 2017 ACCORDING TO THIS SITES INFORMATION...

now I have gone through all the trouble of registering and reading all TC's and downloading the party guidelines etc, it states how important it is to have a 100% FULLY completed profile in order to get any chance of becoming a host (to these non existent parties in any case).. yet I cannot achieve 100% because the "SURVEYS" section to add other social media sites and etc, state "SURVEY CLOSED" - survey 1 this is and a MUST in order to complete the profile...
and the only other survey and again forming 10% of the account profile is survey 2, again, upon trying to fill it in, in order to complete all aspects of my profile it also declares "SURVEY CLOSED" and gives no way of filling anything in..
It does however then clearly mark this section on my profile as RED & INCOMPLETE and thus I cannot complete my profile in full regardless how hard I try to do so.



This leads me to believe that this site looks like it could be incredibly lucrative, absolutely fabulous to be involved with, as either a guest or host, and a great opportunity for both sponsors and customers alike... It looks like it has been absolutely fun filled and non stop entertainment from the pictures and comments of past campaigns and parties and looks absolutely well equipped and fully supportive of all party packs and questions and products and sponsors alike, clearly successful and we'll managed all round as a whole..
So I just do not understand why this appears to have randomly stopped.
That being said, I am also unsure as to why The Insiders (This sister company and one of my all round favourite sites in existence online to date), is trying to generate support and custom when the site is evidentally at some sort of standstill, having not updated any form of party or sponsor or campaign, and lacking in customer support from persons evidentally trying to make contact with them via different posts on site, if there is no updates or campaigns available and we as customers cannot even upload a full profile...

Maybe someone will be able to comment and help me out with these things, or else I am struggling to find reason to remain and member or return...

Get in touch please anyone and everyone with any form of response.



Seakay - 22/03 - 15:11
I am in exactly the same situation as you, Jo - sent information by INSIDERS, unable to complete all of the profile as SURVEY CLOSED nd unable to find any evidence of activity after 2016. Hope fully someone from the company will bother to respond to your clearly written and thoroughly detailed message
Ljj29 - 24/03 - 13:07
I've just signed up and had survey closed, but when I tried it again the survey was there so not sure what happened. Try clicking a few more times, it might work, I got it to work eventually.
debbie035 - 26/03 - 20:07
My profile is 100% complete.It says i`m a party expert but i have not even been a guest at any of there so called parties never mind hosting my own party lol.I totally agree The Insiders is a great and there site is always up to date with campaigns & comments.I`m sure i joined this homeparty last year and like u i got an email and thats when i noticed i had an account but i had not completed my profile.Now 100% and nothing has changed.

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RUDEBOX - 21/03 - 16:23

sings to self "You will always find them in the kitchen at parties"....

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Faulds84 - 07/11 - 09:45

I think the party will go between kitchen, decking living room and dining room. I dont like to tie the guests down too much.

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mummymichelle - 05/11 - 07:57

Dinner party in dining room, and dancing in conservatory can't wait.

debbie035 - 26/03 - 20:08
How did your party go?

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andrew104 - 28/10 - 20:30

Fingers crossed for party time....!

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